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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Palin and Banned Books...

We have enough to bash Palin with without making stuff up and I swear if I could find the idiot who put out the fake list of books Palin wanted banned I'd forget I was a peacenik...

The story was bad enough.

Palin asks a librarian if she'd remove books if asked. The librarian flatly says no. She fires the librarian. Hires her back the next day and then asks again if she'd ban books. This was all part of some weird hazing ritual that Palin was putting staff through that's been called "loyalty purging"...

Then a bit later Palin asks again if she would ban books if there were protesters outside the library.

Banning books to me is a sure sign of a lunatic. Anyone who wants to hide knowledge of any kind is probably hiding something really good, and the list that's going around is NOT a list that Palin gave trying to order books be removed, but it IS a list of books that people have tried at one time or another to ban from a library.

I can't figure out how the library story got so mixed up... The facts were there in local AK newspapers. Somehow, people wanted a list so badly that someone just pulled the standard one and put it up there.

I have to admit I was taken by the list and sent it to about 10 friends only to have to ask them to not forward it after I checked Snopes.com my source for figuring out the b.s. on the internet. I am embarassed to say I sent without checking something I don't do often.

The point remains. The library story is bad enough at it's facts. That a Mayor would haze a librarian over banning books is just craziness and one more problem I have with this woman.

My conspiracy theory mind would say that the GOP released the list themselves to add fiction to fact and therefore mitigate the fact... but that's just conspiracy isn't it...


georgia said...

Pa(L)in in the butt on education.
(As the pitbull Alaska Governor: cut budget to special education programs 66% - that's republican dedication to education?)

Pa(L)in in the butt on SEX education.
(Note to the PitbullinLipstick: I can see the drastic, depressing, failures of your personal family with regard to 'ABSTINENCE ONLY' sex education. I sure as hell don't want that LACK of EDUCATION for my kids/grandkids!)

Pa(L)in in the butt VOWS to overturn Roe v Wade.
(well - she is the only woman to imply 'YOU get no choice... only I know what's right FOR EVERYONE'.)

Pa(L)in in the butt...
She's the new Republican way of Wife.

Anonymous said...


georgia said...

Typical Republican.

Don't even own up to your OWN opinion... Shows the true spirit of your convictions though.... hide behind the cloak of 'anonymous' and you can sure call me names. Wow! That took true grit.

Hide you cockroach - the lights are on now!!!!!!