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Thursday, October 09, 2008

And McCain.... It's NOT Working... Rednecks for Obama!

Here are the top 20 search terms on Google today:

1. rednecks for obama
2.bobby bones show
3.w magazine
6.gallup poll obama mc...
7.tin pan alley
8.joann fabrics
9.mother s cookies
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14.amy leigh andrews
15.ford stock price
17.charles rogers
18.chuck norris wife
19.shannon twins
20.your home page

Wait... Did you read number 1???

Welcome aboard!!! We have always had the biggest tent and rednecks are my favorite Dems! I was raised in Wisconsin afterall...

1 comment:

georgia said...

Rednecks for Obama -
Best Line: Poor People voting Republican is like chicken voting for Colonel Sanders!!!!!! (Don't you love the visual associated with that one??? Chickens getting plucked while poor folks are getting f*#%@d!)