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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gard Appeals to Racism in Green Bay to Sway Kagen Voters... Inexcuseable...

Steve Kagen is running one of the cleanest and most respectable campaigns in the state of Wisconsin right now.

He's talking about issues and making his case in his attempt to win reelection after defeating John Gard in 2006.

John Gard and his party the RNC is not anywhere near as honorable in his onslaught of smears against Steve.

Consider this ad:

It accomplishes a whole boat of negative things doesn't it...

It smears Kagen with no cause.

Charlie Rangel has not been accused of and is not even generally considered corrupt. In fact, I've met him and he's a wonderful man who loves his country enormously and has servied it valiantly for decades. This alone is inexcusable. Imagine if Gard did get elected? Think Charlie Rangel a member of senior leadership in a democratically controlled congress will give him the light of day? Just for this alone, Green Bay electing Gard would be like cutting off their nose to spite their face.

Electing Gard would make the seat of Congress in the 8th completely and soundly irrelevant.

It's a smear on the east coast liberals for the most part and oh by the way, Charlie's black so it's also a smear on black liberals.

Which gets me to my next point. Let's face it. On the whole (not all, but I've been there...) the people in the Green Bay area only approve of people of color if they play football... and even the Packers had to lobby the city to stop pulling over the players and their families for DWB. The anti immigration stuff in that city/county has made national news because of its hatred (and illegality) and race-baiting overtones.

I know WHITE people who moved out of Green Bay because they didn't want their kids exposed to that level of pure racism and hatred--last year.

I know cool people in Green Bay as well and they are not in a complete minority, but there's a big race war going on up there and Gard know it. Everyone knows it. A lot of historical reasons for this exist that I won't go into right now, but suffice it to say that Green Bay has some hard core racists.

So the attempt to paint Kagen as friends with a black guy is deliberate. It's not minor either. It's a deliberate and specific play to the racists in Green Bay to say, "Kagen hangs out with all those east coast liberals and those black (being nice here) congressmen who don't know their place, but I'll be with you cause I know how much you hate those kind of people."

Honestly, guys, I talk about subtle racism all the time, this isn't even subtle. Kagen has had fundraisers with Democrats all over the country. He's getting support from his colleagues because he's smart, dedicated a great representative for his district and the country, and they want to keep him around.

Ask yourself why, out of the tons of congressmen and women who have helped out Steve with fundraising, John Gard (okay the RNC on behalf of John Gard) choose a black, New York liberal congressman to highlight in this ad?

The RNC is feeding the flames of racism in Green Bay for another reason as well... Can you guess what that is?

Reminding people of their racist tendencies at this point in time is no accident by the RNC. They have NO issues. They've destroyed this country with unnecessary and illegal war, with the failures of 911 and Katrina, and most recently with the outrageous failure of the US economy (and of the basic tenant of GOP philosophy) under their watch since the Great Depression.

ALL they have left, and I mean ALL is to feed the flames of racism and hatred and fear...

Hopefully the good people in Green Bay will continue to out number the haters and will take a look at their banks accounts, their stocks, their mortgages and the goodness in their faiths and vote for Steve Kagen and at the same time Obama so Steve has someone to work with to clean up this horrific mess the GOP has made for 8 years...


georgia said...

I know someone that had a cross burned on their front lawn when they spoke openly at a City of Green Bay (might really be called groin bag) Public School Board meeting - speaking for sex education in public schools. It happened in 1976. The rectum opps Reverend Harley (whatever I say goes) Keck led a group of "Pro-Life" screaming maniacs from his 'moral majority' christian church. He had his ilk scream whenever anyone rose to speak FOR sex ed.

Undercurrent of racism my fat liberal tushie - Packers are the only people that are 'colorless' because they are green and gold - they bring the greenbacks and gold cash to the city. (I personally feel the 'good old boy' society within the city owned franchise - keeps the city from ever changing.

Bias/Prejudice/Racism/Classism/Elitism is as entrenched in Green Bay as it was in 1976 - if we are to hold that horrid standard for the rest of the state - - - all is lost!

laura said...

Just discovered and love your blog...I've been reading through your old posts and when I got to this one, I felt I had to comment. I live in Green Bay and while certainly some racism still exists all is not lost. My mother and I campaigned door to door for days and days during the weeks before the election and we were encouraged by the Obama support shown from white people of all ages...I kept commenting that it just goes to show you that you can't judge a book by it's cover because the same older gentleman who has an NRA sticker and blanket sized flag in his window is the same guy who wants to talk for 20 minutes about how Obama is the change we need etc and Obama won Brown County (we're the largest city in Brown County)on election night and Kagen won it too. I'm not saying that there aren't remnants of racist attitudes, believe me, but to me it seems that in the 15 years I've lived here, things have changed. People are shifting. My brother is racially mixed and when he visits, I never worry about him being pulled over..though, in Chicago where he lives, he's been pulled over many times without cause and once was dragged out of his car and thrown face down on the hood for no reason...he shouted that he was a Chicago Public School teacher not a criminal and suddenly the police got a little nervous and told him to get in the car and go. It scared me to think that another man who may not have had a "respectable" job to shout out about would have gotten worse and for no reason but racism.

The racism that I see here is more the variety of blue collar white bitterness about illegal immigration and older people freely making comments about how they like to buy their produce from the Hmong vendors at farmer's market because "All the Hmong's are good gardener's and sell cleaner produce"...which isn't good, but is shifting and I have to disagree with the previous commenter that "Bias/Prejudice/Racism/Classism/Elitism is as entrenched in Green Bay as it was in 1976".

Gard had lost this area in two elections, I think his ads were race baiting, but more out of desperation to appeal to some die-hard racists who might need an extra push to get out and vote, rather than to the community in general.

I'll be back to find out more about the chickens in Shorewood. :)