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Thursday, October 02, 2008


This is what I think of whenever McCain or Palin uses the word "maverick". A shitty ford that is 50 years old, doesn't work anymore and was supposed to be cool at one point, but just never quite got there...

This car reminds me of Palin.

Seemed like a good idea at first, but quickly became a laughing stock of the car industry...

Tonight's debate was a farce. The most frightening thing was the reference to the VP getting more power. Check the Sunday paper for my thoughts on that.

She was plastic and one friend wondered on Facebook if she was a cartoon.

The winking was maddening. I vaguely remember telling everyone yesterday that she would try to flirt her way through the debate... It was really irritating to be right on that.

I did notice a couple of things, she's lost a few pounds in 5 weeks, had on too much make up and if I see that poor oldest pregnant daughter carrying that baby around like a sack of potatoes again, I'll just scream. She can't hire a babysitter to sit in the audience and care for that newborn? That 17 year old is the mother in that family. She's the one caring for the younger ones. Look closely at how they respond to her. Look at how the children at the end vied for her attention. I'm a big believer that a woman can do anything she wants when ever she wants in her life including her childbearing years. But there's a right and a wrong way to do it and to have those children there and to make the oldest daughter use the baby to hide her own bun in the oven on stage is just bugging the hell out of me. Why isn't the Baby Daddy holding the baby? Why always the oldest daughter? Doesn't she have enough responsibility with trying to finish high school and deal with morning sickness and the local embarrassment of her lack of education becoming a national issue? Does her mother have to parade her all over the country as the nanny for the little ones as well?


As a mother of three children who had my husband stay home for 5 years to care for the girls when they were really young, I'm a firm believer in family structure. Stable parents or parental figures are crucial to children's upbringing. To choose to not have stability and then not provide for it in some other way at the same time is irresponsible.

Back to the debate (see how annoying it can be to change the subject without warning LOL?)

Palin was solid. I'm only going to have to say that once in this entire campaign, so there it is. She remembered her 15 talking points and repeated them back to the audience verbatim and repeatedly throughout the debate. She used her charm to try to woo the audience and let me say this before any of you call me sexist...

She USED her sex appeal to her fullest advantage. That makes it fair game to discuss.

Her skirt had to be the tightest skirt I've ever seen in my life. Her mascara rivaled Tammy Faye's. Most egregiously she actually tried to flirt with the American public and Joe Biden! She batted her eyes, she dipped her head and looked sideways, she winked, she was coy and cute and the word the media is loving tonight "folksy".

As a soccer mom (not a hockey mom, but similar), she's that mom on the sidelines with the perfect makeup who is fake nice to you and only talks to you because your kid is better than theirs (that is not a comment on ANY of the soccer mom's I've been pleased to sit on the sidelines with... you all know I love each and every one of you! It's just what I see happening on other teams we play LOL). She quietly drives you nuts and when she cheers and all the other husbands drool a bit.... she's conservative christian right and so thinks she's saved and therefore doesn't have to bother to be genuinely nice anymore... Jesus already loves her and she can do no wrong...

In other words, it's all an act. She wasn't ready for this and we all saw through it over the last few weeks. Tonight she didn't totally fall on her face as some secretly hoped, but it only took about a half hour for Keith to tear the substance of her words to pieces and the American people didn't buy the act one bit based on the polls.

It was a stunning loss in that it should have been a win or at least a tie and it still wasn't, it was just not an utter and total disaster.


georgia said...

Sarah... "I'm not going to answer your questions....."

Energy - I'm going to talk about energy. I'm from Alaska (well - she lives there now)and we hockey moms and six pack dads know all there is to know about energy. We have oil. You all need oil. WE Alaskans get a huge windfall profits check from BIG OIL every year - but my runningmate and favorite candidate in the whole nice hockeymom world (Big John McShame) voted against windfall profit taxes for the ENTIRE UNITED STATES (ha ha - it's a States Issue) so WE ALASKANS get a check while all the rest of you "Say it isn't so - Joe's" get screwed. Ha ha. It's a states rights issue - no federal guvernment should mess with BIG OIL. Just us little ole podunk Guverner Pitbullsinlipstick named Pain ('cause I've deemed the L silent) have the stones fer that.

She is a VERY bad joke.

And the Toddles the Clown (first husband) couldn't be bothered to take care of the THREE kids while the Pitbullinlipstick was doing her guverner thing - he may have helped create the fourth - he sure as heck is no prime example of a good dad in my eyes - - - what - I've seen him holding the baby TWICE - - - holding the hand of his seven year old daughter ... NOT ONCE.... doing anything remotely fatherly while in the eye of a camera MUST BE AGAINST HIS 6PACK DAD RELIGION.

And on that note: would someone please hire ThePitbullinLipsticks minister to rid the united states of the witchy candidate he helped create??? Wish the witch back to Alaska and let them deal with her in their own ways.

How come no one jumps on Toddles for his association with the group that calls for Alaska to secede??? I'd say that was a deal breaker if HE WAS THE WIFE OF ANY OTHER CANDIDATE -how come the pass for the cute dude??? We know darn well that would not go untouted from any other source.... unless - it's the clueless first husband of the first repugnant candidate for VICE president....and all those (Fixed/FOX) pundits are so pleased with her as a candidate they just suck it up and bite the big one to keep her in the race??????

Might that be...... (oh my great liberal tushie....) in our land of free press, and free exchange of opinions... could it be.... MEDIA BIAS??? C'mon Blowhard O'LackofRealityReilly show me how that Toddles being a supporter of Alaska seceding from the USA - is a plus for our country... how that makes Sarah less of a Pain - how that aspect of the candidacy was just 'SWEPT AWAY'... sorta like the Blowhard's credibility --- ain'a hey?

Don't know - so much patting themselves on the back you'd think they'd dislocate their own arms... they want this election to go the way of the past.

VOTE.... VOTE.... VOTE.... VOTE.... VOTE.... VOTE....

Kim Hawkins said...

remember my high school car? It was a 1972 Ford Maverick!!! prolly why that popped out of your memory bank.

-love this blog Renee --keep it up!