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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Palin Train Wreck Goes On Smashing McCain's Campaign to Pieces

Between the disasterous Couric interviews, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow slayings and now the Jon Stewart massacre tonight, Palin's 15 minutes are over.

She is officially the laughing stock of the political world, in fact, the entire world and as Clinton said today, "This choice isn't even close."

McCain's old, teetering and barely able to look at a camera without that look of combined fear and pure fury and his running mate who will most likely become POTUS should they get elected is about as smooth as chunky peanut butter... Why she didn't just say, "No, I don't have any real foreign policy experience first and then talk about seeing Russia" or "I'm not a law scholar but I have enormous respect for the Supreme Court and the complicated work they do" or "My hometown paper ____ and USA Today and the NYT and the Washington Post are commonly on my reading list" is beyong me.

Where she gets messed up is when she doesn't know an answer and instead of just saying I don't know, she punts and either talks about something else, or says something completely incomprehensible.

Listen, no one expects her to know everything, but stumbling around pretending to know what she's talking about when she doesn't is her true weakness... Biden would be well prepared to take note and politely and sweetly exploit the hell out of that.

Why we are even still discussing this campaign is just beyond me. But we are and tomorrow night we are going to see the train wreck in full swing. She's going to get on there, try to charm Biden just enough to get a few good lines in and hopefully salvage not only her vp campaign, but her governorship and her reputation which is fast exceeding the reputation of Dan Quayle as the most idiotic VP choice in history.

She's making it too easy. I'm so insulted by McCain choosing her, there are no words to describe my fury. She's the poster child for blonde jokes and she's an embarrassment to brilliant, articulate and exciting women worldwide.

That said, I'm willing to make a few predictions about tomorrow night.

1. She will at some point say a phrase very similar to "Don't bully me." She almost has to to win the debate. By trying to paint Biden as a bully, she just might win back a few of those women who were excited about her at first and now are saying, "She said what?"

2. She will also again fall back on a gotcha question type response.

3. She will not know the answer to something and rather than saying something short and sweet, she'll ramble on about a completely different subject like oil that she knows.

4. At another time, she'll be so flustered, she'll ramble on about absolutely nothing and say something really stupid.

5. She's going to look really hot tomorrow night in a mom sort of way to appeal to the middle age conservative men who are freaking out because they didn't want McCain in the first place...

6. She'll flirt with the camera a lot.

I find this whole charade ridiculous. How rude of McCain to put this woman out there so unprepared for the big game. I almost (except she agreed to do it) feel sorry for her. It's out of control and tomorrow she's going to go out there with expectations super low and hope to high hell everyone's admiring how perfect her makeup and hair are instead of listening carefully to the pablum coming out of her mouth.

The "Straight Talk Titanic", Colbert

She has only one option tomorrow night. Memorize as much as possible about Biden's record and use it like the pitbull she says she is... Problem with that strategy is that she doesn't seem to have a very good memory, so that's gonna take some real witchcraft.

I love politics, but this isn't even a fair fight. Biden is charming and adorable in his own right, but he's got the substance to back it up.

I predict that she will bat her eyes and he will flatter the hell out of her and tomorrow night is going to look a lot more like a shitty first date than a VP debate.

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