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Thursday, October 09, 2008

"Race Baiting"-- Brown Does It Again...

I posted a story Campbell Brown wrote last month that was hard hitting and full of the kind of sarcasm that was worthy of Molly Ivins, Twain and Benjamin Franklin. It was good stuff.

I am pretty sure though this is the first time in the history of this country that someone considered a very good mainstream reporter, but not a superstar has come out and used a phrase worthy of Olbermann, Maddow and Stewart.

Campbell Brown called the McCain campaign to the carpet last night for what she called "dangerous race baiting".

She's right and I've posted the video of it here:

I'm just stunned though! She could have used much less fiery language (and left the calls of "race baiting" to radical bloggers like me...LOL!). She didn't she went to the core of the problem with the rhetoric coming from the McCain/Palin campaign and called it what it was...

Americans needed to hear that... Hillary tried the racism and it lost her the ticket. Here once again as Campbell says "That is dangerous" and begs McCain to try to "maintain a little dignity", once again Americans are rejecting the horrible language that is inciting McCain rally attenders to scream out "kill him" unchecked in the audience...

This is not funny.
This is not cool.
This is not okay.
This HAS to stop.

I just want to say this to the McCain campaign... Should your nasty, disgusting, inhuman rhetoric over this past week, incite some maniac to attempt the unthinkable and you don't step in to stop it immediately, you personally will be blamed by all Americans. You will lose your Senate seat. You will go down in history as complicit. America and the world will never forgive you.

The race baiting MUST STOP NOW!

What little respect I once had for you and what you once stood for has been torn to pieces in the last two weeks. Even though I wasn't going to vote for you, I had respect for you. You are better than that...

Is she making you this evil monster? Is she the devil incarnate that suddenly took what was a respectable campaign and thrown it to the worst inclinations of our society?

I keep hoping that Americans will see through this and vote against it just to make sure it never happens again... but then they history of this kind of politics reminds me that some Americans want to be fooled again and again... and my hope diminishes just a bit more...

I am so disappointed.

Thank you Campbell once again for the courage it took for you to call this what it is and to do so with such grace. You have made my Women Who Rock wall!


georgia said...

Well - McLame could be greeted by screams of: KEATING FIVE! KEATING FIVE! KEATING FIVE! ... and let's get him to discuss his wife and father in law making a cool million off Keating whilst the general public got screwed ... yes once again - without benefit of orgasm. Oh those 'special' Banking ways (and means) of the good old profits boys! society Republicans.

OR Even BETTER - Lets all scream UNAMERICAN TERRORISTS at Sarah and Todd Pa(L)in for their involvement (Sarah spoke at a rally in Feb. 2008) with the Alaskan Independence Party.... a party that supports secession from the US. That makes both Toddles and Sarah TERRORISTS - they wish harm to the US.... think about it. They really do.

McLame chooses Pa(l)in and tells us all "Four more YEARS of the SAME!!!"

Burr Deming said...

Before we make a choice we may regret for the next four years, the accusations against Barack Obama should be carefully considered, as they are here.