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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sorry Charlie, I Guess Hit a Nerve....

FIRST and foremost, I NEVER said, Harris didn't have a right to say what he said, and in fact, yes Charlie, I would fight for his right to free speech along with anyone else's in this country regardless of my job title. I am an American after all and my passion for my country is at least as great as yours. I fly an American flag on my home (the one that laid on my grandfather's coffin, a WWII veteran). I have flown my flag before, during and after 911. I LOVE my country!

That doesn't mean I have to AGREE with anything anyone says... it is the basic tenat of the concept free speech that if it truly works we all get to say things as crazy as we want... you Charlie should know that better than anyone.

So what is all this about? Well, Charlie Sykes didn't like my last post below... So he came after me big time. I do take some pleasure actually in knowing that I ticked off Sykes so badly, he actually wasted an entire day on my silly blog post. Who am I to have upset him so much? I think I must have touched on some truth that he found very dangerous and requiring a response.

That said, I get what, 20-50 readers a day? Hardly an opinion swaying blog, more just my place to vent when I see something really interesting or fun or upsetting in my world. NOW, that Charlie has pointed his entire listening audience to my blog and read the most inflammatory parts of it on the air (leaving out the stuff about the conservatives who are also upset and a few other things...) , my crazy thoughts that I share out here for fun have been read on the radio on a show he would never invite me to be on LOL!

Thanks Charlie for boosting my readership 100 fold! I appreciate you making my completely insignificant blog post a huge talking point for the entire city today. Perhaps you should think about that before you elevate a non-issue to city wide status. LOL! I've been giggling like a school girl since I heard about your fits over me today. One less day talking about issues and one more day talking about little old me and a rant at 9:30 at night on a boring Friday... Hahahahaha!

Or was it this that ticked you off this morning Charlie and I'm just your punching bag? 17 points in Wisconsin means that other people around the state felt the same shame I did being a state that made national news for such an ugly reason and are moving into an entirely new realm of this race as a result. Are you trying to stop the momentum by attacking a feckless blogger with your misplaced rage? And you should have read the entire blog if you were going to read it. You SHOULD have read where I talk about conservatives echoing my concerns about the McCain campaign.

What I didn't like and was really out of line is this:

He dragged my job into the discussion (and wrongly so, this is NOT related in any way to my job and that was just really unfair... my organization is huge and does a ton of great work, but everyone gets their rights to speak freely regardless of what they are saying and this is MY FREE SPEECH ZONE).

Please respect my personal space this blog. I will always tell you in what capacity I'm working and be very open about it. I expect you to understand that, when I'm out here (or I say outright in public, I'm off the clock, I do get off the clock time like everyone else) that you understand that it's just me. NOT my job. Keep it straight it diminishes your argument when you don't...

Just an example: If you worked for oh, let's say MGIC, and wrote a private blog in your own time, would you expect MGIC to take responsibility for your personal thoughts??? I think not. I make it very clear out here that I write my thoughts here and not my company's.

I agree the post was inflammatory and it was even a bit angry. I think I had a right to BE angry though. I wasn't kidding about being afraid of conservatives after the weekend rants and angry insanity.

What really upset me about Harris last weekend, Charlie, was that Harris justified the anger at that meeting. He could have gotten up and asked a question about the economy, about the war, about tax cuts, but no, instead, he made everyone in that meeting feel good about their hatred.

Harris's exact words, "Take it to him. Hit him where it hurts in the soft spot. Take it to him.... I am begging you sir!"

The cheers that erupted when Harris made those violent comments sent chills down my spine and are what I was so upset about when I saw the video. It's what my post was responding to, if not quite to my usual eloquent standards. LOL!

This isn't standard political rhetoric, this is an angry call to violence. The tone of his voice was most disturbing. Shaking with rage and it is frightening to watch the people in the background with their fists not raised in the air as in victory, but clenched in the delight of what they feel is justified rage.

By the way, you leave your first amendment at the doorstep of inciting violence. Now of course, violence has to happen before you can be held responsible for inciting it. My point in the post below wasn't that there was an actual "lynching" to use my term below, but that the lynch mob mentality was at play and had been generated by a week of Palin and McCain stoking the fires of fear with rhetoric that is frankly below McCain, but maybe right at Palin's level.

Which leads me to my final point on this. We live in a country plagued by assassination. It has been the general discourse in the political realm to not incite hatred and rage in a high profile political environment. The danger in the dialogue is that there are always crazy people out there and allowing rage and anger to foment against a candidate who received his first 10 death threats the day he announced his candidacy 2 years ago is dangerous. Others have said it, McCain has tried to stop it, but the bottom line is that the campaign crossed a line from discussing real issues to insinuating and planting ideas that in the most radical in our society could lead to something no one wants in this election.

McCain I know wanted a fair "campaign about the issues". My post last week called him out on the fact that he's forgotten that promise to the American people. What most people don't know about me in fact Charlie is that I was a McCain person. I liked him. I respected him. I loved the Straight Talk express and thought had the GOP nominated him in 2000 I might have taken a really close look at him as a candidate. I voted for Alberta Darling in the early 90's (although not this time), so I have been known to vote for the candidate, not the party and I liked John McCain... or at least the John McCain I used to think I knew. The JM who's friends with Feingold.

I guess the problem I have with McCain today is that he no longer is that guy I once admired. Ya know Charlie, if you read my entire blog for the last few months, you will find that although I don't endorse McCain, I've always been respectful of him (until he picked Palin, and she I have exposed regularly, but actually, I have even defended her on my blog since she was nominated). I took McCain at his word that he wouldn't "go there" and start race baiting, but when someone like Campbell Brown uses that term, I know what I'm seeing is not out of line.

So go ahead and spend an entire day trying to make false connections to what I said at home and what I do to support my family. Go ahead and call me a reverse racist and repost my comments for the world to see all twisted out of context on your radio show and blog.

I think the real reason you wasted so much time on me today was that I insulted you personally. Well, I apologize for that at least. I am capable of admitting when I'm wrong. Do you know how to do that? I think the apology is owed in both directions, but don't expect one. That's how you support your family.


georgia said...

I read that McLame has 'pulled out' of the Wisconsin race - - - He's spending his campaign dollars elsewhere as he feels Wisconsin is a LOST CAUSE?????

Is he perhaps "Running Scared"? (Can't you see Church Lady calling that one??)

(I can hear the refrain now... Runnin' Scared - loved all his houses - even though .. he couldn't count 'em. Runnin' Scared - ... {to the tune of Running Bear})

Crawford's Take said...

The RNC is not spending any more money here.... They are letting their ad buys run and pulling out. McCain is staying at least in theory, but without RNC cash, I'm guessing he's not going to spend much more here either.

Ya know, it's been so long since a candidate of mine was way ahead like this or won a presidential race, I'm a bit dumbfounded right now as to how to react to it all...

I guess just keep working really hard and hope people do what they say they are going to do!