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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Think I Was Angry Charlie? Check Out Olbermann's Special Comment Tonight

It seems my post last week was right on. You know the one Charlie Sykes attacked me about all day. I almost started to think I was overreacting just a bit, but tonight, I got my confirmation that I am not so far off with this.

Keith Olbermann tonight made a Special Comment that addressed exactly what I addressed in that blog. He called the campaign rallies "lynch mobs" as I did and called McCain to task for not stopping the rage at his events. I almost want to wonder, just wonder if maybe one of my 20-50 readers is Keith... I doubt it (wow, would I be honored if that was the case, wow, but alas, pipe dreams). I'm he sure thinks like I do. I've said before that Keith makes me feel sane. Once again, I thank him for my sanity tonight.

James T Harris justifies your anger. I get Keith Olbermann. Take a minute to watch. He's definitely angrier than I was...


Anonymous said...

Why does the left keep rewriting history? There were never any lynch mobs. If you look through the court recorders, you can’t find one conviction of any lynching. Or does that logic only hold for Milwaukee vote fraud.

georgia said...

Why do those silly assed Repugnants think they can summon "REWRITING HISTORY" every time someone calls THEM on the facts?

Do they REALLY think EVERYone is stupid enough to listen to the same old LIES they spout at every given chance? (Sorry Charlie, Only the repugnant tuna listen to your crap.)


... let them spout their vitriol, let them tell their LIES over and over and over (thanks in great part to Fox News - by the way - calling it Fox 'News' is like calling Howdy Doody a News show)(HD = Old, tired jokes, no fact checking involved... wow - perhaps Howdy Doody was indeed a news show!... not too unlike Fox News)

georgia said...

An Ode to Sean Hannity
by John Cleese

Aping urbanity

Oozing with Vanith

Plump as a Manatee

Faking Humanity

Journalistic calamity

Intellectual inanity

FOX Noise insanity



patrick said...

Is repugnant tuna some sort of racial slur? I'm really offended, Georgia. Perhaps you should clean up that mouth of yours.