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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Flashback? Gas Prices Fall Dramatically Just Before an Election...

As we were driving around today, something occurred to me... Gas was at $2.29/gallon just 3 days before an election.

I had this flashback to Oct/Nov 2004 when I seemed to remember noting that just before the election, gas prices fell. I remember it, because with Cheney and Bush in the White House the world's oil barrons, I was suspicious that gas prices were being pushed down to ease people's wallets just before they went to vote. Then I remembered them skyrocketing just after the election.

Now I thought maybe I was paranoid at the time. At the time, I did not have a blog to record my thoughts, so I have nothing to show that I really was irritated by what I thought was a deliberate and manipulative way to make the American public forget that the oil companies had been stealing from us for 3 years.

So I looked it up. Here are my results:
Charts here and here seem to confirm my thoughts, but I wanted to check further. So I went here.

Milwaukee Historical Gas Price Charts Provided by GasBuddy.com

Just as I suspected, gas prices fell in the weeks just prior to the 2004 election and spiked immediately after it! Coincidence? Maybe. Interestingly though, gas prices seem to be just about 30-40 cents more now than they were in late Oct/early Nov 2004. After shooting up to over $4.00/gal just earlier this year!

It makes you wonder... The oil and gas industry had one of their own in Dick Cheney. They have price gouged under this administration for 8 years now and with Palin (the Oil Queen) on the ticket again, it seems they are poised to have one of their own in the White House to make sure the record high quarterlies continue to skyrocket.

Now, if I were one of them (I have a soul, so never will be...), and thought I could get away with it, and saw it make just a slight difference in the rage against this administration in 2004 to have possibly made voting for Bush/Cheney just palatable for the independents, I just may drop gas prices at the pump as well for a few weeks to help ease American anxiety for just enough time to affect the American election, so I get my 4 more years of cash cow... especially if I thought I could just spike them up again after the election and have no one stepping in to stop my madness.

Also interesting to note, prices fell in the days before the 2006 election as well, obviously to lesser affect.

DON'T BE FOOLED! They've done this before and we should be scholars of history and make sure we don't let them manipulate us once again. Vote for the candidate they don't want. Surely that will be better for all of us after the election when they are more afraid of a government ready to step in at the first sign of price gouging!

Vote for Obama/Biden and let's altogether kick the oil barrons out of OUR White House for good!

And in the odd chance that McCain wins on Tuesday, I highly recommend you fill up all you gas tanks!

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