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Saturday, January 17, 2009

And We're Off!

Only about 4 or 5 hours later than planned, but me in my infinite
wisdom decided not to jinx the trip by being practical and actually
doing laundry LOL!

A few bummers in the packing phase. One camera battery and the charger
got left at school and another of my angels left her snow pants at a
friends, so another bag was packed (more laundry) with some extra
layers for her legs.
And since we left at 5 am instead of 1am, of course we hit blowing snow sigh.

Regardless, we are all bubbly and happy to finally be on our way!!!

A few logistics. My Blackberry does not take pictures or video, so
that will be done from cell phones during the day and the better
quality photos and video will be uploaded as we can get access to
computers during the trip. We're going to experiment with digital
audio as well just in case we happen to meet someone really cool, I'll
try to get them to do a digital shout out to the CT readers.

My youngest (I don't like to use my kids names out here, so she wants
to be called Noodles) and I just counted and we'll be driving through
9 states and over mountains! She's really excited about that. My
middle daughter (who wishes to be known as Malaika) is quietly reading
(her passion) as we head out into history!

And James, if I had a Widgy T-shirt, I'd wear it! LOL

Gonna catch a bit of sleep before its my time to take the wheel.

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