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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Getting out

Is pure madness!

We've been walking for hours there are literally tens of thousands of
people at every metro, on every block and wandering aimlessly around
the city. There is no place to eat with less than several hundred
people in line. Finally we decided to head south from the capitol on
New Jersey Ave. Found a Mickey D's with less than several hundred
people. The kids need a rest so im stopping to let them sitt and try
to find a cab now that we're out of downtown.

We are now in tour bus hell lol! Hundreds of tthem just
sitting.empty... And all around us are humvees and soldiers. The
security presence is so strong we are not in the least concerned about
our safety. I figure when we see the last militaru check point we can
look aound and see if we need to be worried.

We hAve a gameplan. 3rd and K. And hopefully some food in some place
we can relax and reflect on the day.

Noodles and. Malaika are the rockinest kids on the pant! They spent
45 mins picking up garbage on the mall after the event as part of
Obama's call to service, and are just trouping along with no more than
snack bars and water withut complaint chatting about the event

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annabanana said...

Renee - it has been such a treat to follow your blog today while I was with the kids at school. I was able to share some 'first hand' experiences with them from you as we watched the CNN stream together. They wondered about what all those people did for food, and now I have something to share with them! THANKS and thanks for carrying our spirits with you on this amazing day!

annabanana said...
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