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Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome to History!!!

Hi, I'm Pam, Renee's cousin. I wanted to also convey my thoughts about the many visitors here in Washington, DC to all of you. Having lived in the DC metro area for years, I'm so invigorated by the mood of the visitors here for this historic inauguration. Everyone is so excited, happy and just glad to be here. The energy and enthusiam is incredible. I bet this is how Woodstock or the Million Man March felt. People joined together in a common celebration.

I always believe that everyone should visit the Nation's Capital once in their life especially if you have kids. What better way for them to see the foundations and institutions of our democracy. Sometimes, those of us who live in the DC metro area take these things for granted. So, its great to see some many people making their first trip to this great city to see this inauguration. All of the folks that I met today from those in line in front of the Longworth building to those at the Wisconsin delegation reception at the Rayburn building were wonderful folks. I told them that I hope they continue to enjoy their visit to Washington, DC and the inauguration. We're so glad they're here!

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