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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ohio is a Wide State!

We finally broke down and stopped at a rest stop on the Ohio Turnpike.
As we pulled up, we saw an African American family taking pictures at
the rest stop. They had Illinois plates on a nice Benz and I couldn't
help but ask the patriarch "Are you going?" With a huge smile on my
face. "We sure are!" He beamed!

"Us too!". I yelled out in full pride.

He instantly said, "Well then, we need a picture for our scrapbook!".

Next thing I knew, he gathered my girls, threw his arm around my
shoulder and as I looked up and laughed, his wife snapped a picture of
us all. That's when I noticed the "44 th President OBAMA" baseball cap
on his head. He said to me just like he was my own grandpa. "We expect
to get to DC by 7 or 8 tonight, you drive safe now and have a great

His wife hugged me his grown kids waived goodbye as if we were family
and I went into the rest stop about as giddy as if I'd just met the
next predisent himself! As I walked out of the rest room of the same
place, a young caucasian woman grabbed my arm with the biggest smile
across her face. "Are you going?". She said (I kid you not, my exact
words from 8 minutes earlier) barely able to contain her glee.

"Of course!" I said, again beaming from ear to ear.

"No way I was going to miss this. I've waited my whole life for this!'
She replied.

It struck me. The great beauty of those two moments. The irony of that
last sentence coming from a lovely young white woman instead of the
lovely elderly black man who so deserved those words and yet never
dared to say them even now.

The awesomeness of the election of Barack Obama to be the next POTUS
is that it took the votes of both of these amazing people to make it
happen. If I didn't have the sense that this will only get better as
this week goes on, I could go home right now, knowing that our country
has blown its own mind!

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