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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still Need Help for the Inauguration! Donate today!

Below is yesterday's post. I have had some real success in raising money for the trip to DC to blog the inauguration for you. I've raise $535 so far. I found out today that the train tickets are going to be $100 on that day for all of us to get into the city and now I'm panicking a bit because after the generous donations yesterday, I made the mistake of telling my girls they are going to the inauguration thinking I just may have some other generous donors today and found out about this new cost today!

The girls jumped and screamed for joy at the thought that they could seeObama get inaugurated live and in person. They are probably bragging about it at school right now, and sigh, ooopppsss... Not so much... Not one donation today! After yesterday's flood of donors, not one today :(

I am posting donations as they come in (the amounts) on the right side bar under the donate button. Help me get there!

Are you interested in reading my take on the inauguration live as it happens from DC?

Please help me raise the $500 or so more I need to make sure I can get to DC and back, and feed us all while we're there.

I have lodging, I have a transportation plan and 2 back up plans for the day of to get into DC, I've confirmed that the tickets are waiting for me, I've even confirmed a really cool "insider's congressional party" that I'll give you the scoop on as it happens on Sunday night!

I have quite a bit of access to some really cool stuff! I just need to make sure I can get there and eat there!

Can you help me blog the inauguration?

The donation button on the right will do. Any amount will help. $5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500. Whatever you can give is much appreciated!!

Thanks and hoping I'll be able to give you the scoop first hand in my take!

From Yesterday's plea:

I posted this yesterday and will be posting daily in hopes that I can raise enough to attend the inauguration. I need gas and food money for a week. Which I'm estimating to be somewhere between $1000 and $1500. So far, I've received 2 donations for a total of $35 and I'm really getting nervous that I won't be able to raise enough to go. I am taking my husband and 2 youngest daughters and so will need to drive on our own.

I'm not accustomed to begging, but here goes: PLEASE HELP ME BLOG THE INAUGURATION! The donation button on the right will do. Any amount will help. $5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, whatever you can do to help me raise enough cash to physically get there.

I have the tickets! I have a place to stay! I just need money to get there and eat all week! I want to leave Saturday so I can make it to the Lincoln Memorial event on Sunday. In return I promise to blog the entire event right out here! You'll have a front row seat to my take on all the happenings.


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