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(The watercolor is called Magnolia Tree for Momma, by Audrey Crawford)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A peaceful and powerful protest of rainbow flags surrounds me and
warms my heart.

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leonel said...

How awesome it would be if anyone caught this silent protest on camera. Still looking..

What a day!

Georgia said...

In my room at the Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Facility in Vallejo CA - I watched in awe. I muted the TV when Warren spoke - knowing his "Church" had been instrumental in the passing of Proposition 8 (or Prop Hate) - that man did NOT speak for me. And I silenced him just as his "church" tried to silence/negate the rights of others.

I am SO glad you got to be there Renee - with Mike and the kids!!!
Another living history lesson for all of you to pass on to the generations that ensue.... only wish Shellie and Max could have been there too....