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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When We Last Spoke

Things were pretty hairy! My husband children and I were meandering
into a pretty shaky partof town that was run down enough that the
Humvees and soldiers really did make it look like a war zone.

The poverty so close to our nation's Capitol always surprises me. Rows
of run down housing with one of the most beautiful views of the US
Capitol outside the Mall. What must it be like to literally live in
the shadow of such a huge promise and not be privvy to its
fulfillment? To see the luxury and waste around you and have nothing?
I could ponder these thing all day, but back to the story.

Just when my boot clad feet couldn't seem to get off the ground for
even one more step. We see Nationals stadium and more importantly a
Metro Station WITHOUT a line! Lol! We hop on transfer a few times
and are now comfortably sitting in an IHOP in Ballston rehashing the
day and eating all you can eat pancakes!

I could write a novel about this week! It was fun, exciting,
frustrating, and one of the best weeks of our lives!!!

Congratulations to Joe Biden and our new President Barack Obama!!! You
have some clean up to do, so don't waste a minute! Get to work! Lol!

Thanks for reading to my Take today!

Mike and the girls are having a great convesation about the pure
pleasures in the simple things we've encountered over the last few
days, an empty Metro car, when a line you are in begins to move in
front of you, and Noodles added, getting to the end of a line and we
all laughed in agreement.

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