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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More on "The" Pig in Northern WI

I posted this story over a year ago and an employee has been keeping it updated for over a year now in the form of reposting comments. I want to first of thank that employee for their efforts to continue to get the word out about the management at Piggly Wiggly in Appleton's attempts to break the employee's union.

Things have gotten worse. They refuse to take union dues out of the employee's paychecks, and other nasty attempts to break the union like refusing to negotiate, and pretending like the union doesn't exist.

I do wish the poster would stop personally bashing the owner for his personal life. It undermines the really serious union busting efforts that you are attempting you uncover... You should be able to edit those on your own and I hope you choose to do so, so the really important points you are making stand out instead of this looking like a personal vendetta...

I wanted to just repost this and let my readers know that this is still a problem still happening and now strikes may be pending. Read through the comments on the original story. As always, new information from the inside is always welcome!

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