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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a Speech!

My friend apologized tonight for our race earlier. ;)

It was the first time I've had tears from a Presidential speech in 10 years and yes, I not only was touched, but inspired and yes, at times my entire family and I cheered.

It was truly a masterpiece... and how awesome is it to have an adult in charge again???

Health care this YEAR?
We don't torture?
Close Guantanamo?
A REAL energy plan that makes sense and that he TELLS us?
Education is everyone's responsibility?

"Living our values doesn't make us weaker, it makes us safer and stronger!"

Its stuff like this that makes me want to blog again...

I am floored, stunned and a very happy hippie right now. The GOP on the floor of Congress sighed a collective "shit, we are so screwed..." tonight, and they should have...

As for the republican response... Well, yikes! It was a disaster the moment Keith Olbermann not knowing he was still mic'ed said, "Oh my God" as Jindal sauntered up to the podium. It was all over the place. A complete mess. An embarrassment.

Matthews on the other hand was outta line when he ranted on with an unintentional, but still not okay racial slur by saying that the GOP "outsourced" their response to an "outsider". Who happened to be Indian... What an idiot! This is not of course what he meant, he meant not a Washington insider, it was truly a snafu, still, it was idiotic, and I expect him to get some real shit for it. Too bad, I really like Matthews. He's generally cool as shit, but I call the conservatives on their idiocy and would be a hypocrit to not say something now...

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