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Friday, March 06, 2009

Cvetkovich for School Board in Port Washington

A good friend of mine is running for school board in Port Washington and needs your help to raise some funds to get more lit, etc and raise his profile to win the race.

You may remember Doug from last fall when he bravely came just a few votes in just 3 days of campaigning from getting his name on the ballot as a write in candidate last fall to run against F. Jim. When no one else would stand up an run against F Jim, Doug nearly gave him a run for his money! He hasn't given up on asking his neighbors for the opportunity to serve his community...

In fact, his passion for serving his neighbors in office has had him spending the last bitterly cold 4 months knocking doors in Port Washington nearly every night! Doug's grassroots style has moved him into a position to win the race, but he needs our support to finish the last leg. Doug is well known and respected in Port with a young son in the school system and a daughter on the way.

Doug Cvetkovich is also the vice chair of the 5th CD Democratic Party.

Doug grew up in Milwaukee, now lives in Port Washington with his wife and children, and is district manager of a retail service company. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army.

He as a child in the school system and another due very soon!

He is passionate about the education of our children, and will be great advocate for them on the school board.

Please donate anything you can to Doug Cvetkovich and lets get him elected this April.

He's been doing his part, working around the clock, now it's time for us in the progressive community to step up and do ours!!!

Click Here to make a donation.

Seriously, $10, $25, $100... anything will help a really smart and dedicated father get elected to school board this spring.

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