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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feel Like Flipping Out?

Ran across this story today ...  Forget about the economic collapse of the world, it's by far the scariest thing I've read this year...

Where is this story in the mass media???  

Deadly (60%) highly infectious strain of bird flu virus "accidentally", mixed with a not as deadly, but highly transmittable through normal human contact strain of regular human flu virus, shipped as a harmless flu vaccine to 18 countries around the world by the company (Baxter) who is developing  the vaccination for avian flu viruses and seasonal flu viruses.  Some scientist thinking it's just a dead virus standard vaccine in Canada routinely tests it on a rat that promptly keels over and sends the scientific world into a tailspin.  

The company first tries to call it "trade secrets", then says, Whoops, our bad. 

Somehow this is completely under the radar with the mainstream media's fascination with the financial collapse and how they can "catch" Obama doing something, anything wrong...

Now just a note here, this is The Stand kind of stuff.  Mix two virus' and the worst case scenario is they merge into one super-virus with the worst traits of each.  Millions die worldwide...

The conspiracy bloggers and websites are ALL over it though.  LOL!  Google it and you'll find every consipracy website on both sides (liberals and conservatives) going nuts.  Apparently, both liberals and conservatives read Stephen King.

What happens

Viruses are made mainly of protein and DNA. The DNA primarily causes the illness, but it's the proteins that determine how well it spreads. There are two main proteins on the surface of the virus – hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N). Theoretically, human viruses that have recombined to express an H protein that humans have no immunity against are more likely to result in quick, sustained human-to-human spread.

If a pig infected with human influenza A virus becomes infected by avian influenza A, the two strains can mix genetic information. This would yield a new virus that has one or both surface proteins from the avian virus, but most of the genes from the human virus. This means it could be both unrecognizable to human immune systems and easily transferable from person to person.

This type of recombination could also occur in a human co-infected with avian and human influenza A viruses.

"We don't know exactly what it would take to make an avian flu strain that doesn't pass very well from person to person into a virus that can pass from person to person. We hope that the virus isn't smart enough to figure it out," said Kathryn Edwards of Vanderbilt University, who is currently running a study on a potential avian flu vaccine.

She may not know exactly what it could take, but could Baxter (an American Pharma...) be trying to find out???

Congressional investigations are in order...

And here's my little piece of CT speculation...  My mind is racing with what ifs?  What if some country vaccinated people with it and its morphing now about to hit the world this summer with a pandemic of 1918 proportions or worse?  How much time do we have?  

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