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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kohl is a ConservaDem?

After my Facebook Flip Out last night, a local blogger picked up my words off the post and shared them beyond my small private group of 921 friends...  It's all good though, I was pretty ticked off at the time and I still don't care who knows it...  

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So the still ticked off, but more rational community organizer me has a few more thoughts on the Kohl betrayal.  Having visited Kohl's website today, I see no retraction of his being named as one of Evan Bayh's "ConservaDems" as Rachel Maddow has coined them.  

With no quick retraction and no public comments on his being named as one of the 16, I can only assume he has indeed allied himself with this group of DINOS who have made it a priority to represent big business over the demands of the American public who elected them.  If for some reason he's "slow on the draw" and decides to deny his being named as joining this group, I will apologize for spreading the rumor.  That said, he has not and so the rest of this is under the presumption that he is.

This seems to be a group of Dems who have decided that wealthy and powerful business interests trump the will of the American people to reform our healthcare system and who knows what other mischief they are planning to sabotage the Obama Administration's major agenda items about 2 months into his first term.

Of course my first thought is follow the money.  Who made the calls to these 16?  Was it the insurance industry?  Big pharma?  Why did they feel the need to immediately attempt to block healthcare?  Of all things?  Before it's even introduced!  The one thing that could really boost the economy.  Give small business a chance to recover.  The one thing that could put a significant dent in the pocketbooks of millions of American's who have to choose between healthcare and mortgage payments, food and utilities.  Universal healthcare is the answer to so many of American's woes.  

It's time, we DEMAND it and no small group of 16 nimwits is going to stop us!  We WILL get on the phones and flood their offices.  We WILL put down their servers with emails.  We WILL stand out side their offices and protest en masse.  We WILL vote them out of office and start over again...  We will EVEN consider recall elections.

Its no longer business as usual in Washington.  These Senators have significantly under estimated our resolve in these matters.  

The people have found our voices and we have spoken, LOUDLY, and our representatives will listen and represent OUR interests.  

Russ Feingold has continuously and steadfastly stood with the people and his low dollar, no special interest fundraising has been rewarded at the ballot box.  The people know and remember who stands with them when it really counts...

Kohl made a major miscalculation that will be remembered...  I wouldn't be surprised with a primary challenger, a recall petition campaign or a whole lot of busy Kohl staffers fielding calls from angry constituents.  

Not only will the watch begin on how he responds to this crisis in the immediate future.  Kohl has raised the red flag high above his head and the scrutiny of his work begins today. 


Greg Kowalski said...

I feel that your thoughts were those that many Wisconsin Democrats and liberals had. The issue of Kohl being a ConservaDem is certainly not going to vanish anytime in the future.

In saying that, you might call it a "rant", Renee, but it was a rant that deserved to be heard in Wisconsin. While I might not agree 100% with what it meant, I'm sure plenty out there would give it their support.


Anonymous said...

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