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Monday, March 30, 2009

Mixed Messages: Can some GOP blogger explain this to me?

I'm completely confused by listening to Charlie Sykes this morning. He
had several distinctly different positions that are in complete
conflict with each other philosophically in any rational thought
pattern. I couldn't even begin to follow his logic.

First he was upset by the entire idea of bailing out any corporations.
A total waste of our hard earned tax dollars to give our money to
these failing companies. (Nevermind that it was Bush's financial
disasterous ideas in the first place that first got us here, then did
a crappy job of bailing them out in the first round as if he was
leaving office in a few months and couldn't be bothered to do it

Then he was upset that Obama is even attempting to finish doling out
the money Bush got but gave to him to dole out.

Then he was upset that after Wall Street totally ticked off the
American public by continuing to misappropriate the money, Obama
wanted to add at least the minimum amount of strings to them getting
our money.

Finally he was totally upset that Obama had the nerve to tell the auto
industry to clean up its act before he'd give them OUR money. This is
the strangest argument the GOP has ever made...

I know it all makes so little sense I'm hoping I'm misunderstanding him...

These are TAX PAYER Dollars!!!

If the big corporations don't like being pushed around by the Federal
government when they are looking for a handout, they have two other
choices. Fix the problem themselves or file for bankruptcy.

When I was a teenager and went to my dad for $20, I learned really
quickly that dad wanted to know what I was going to use his hard
earned money for... If I didn't want to have to answer that question
and bring back the receipts or justify the really cool off the
shoulder 80's sweater I HAD to have there was another way to get it.
Get myself a job and earn my OWN money. Which is exactly what I did!
Dad was quick to give me bus fare to get to my job. ;)

These whiny CEO's need to learn that if they need daddy's money, he
wants to know how they're going to spend it.

If they don't want to be accountable to daddy, then they need to NOT
RUN THEIR COMPANIES into the ground!

These spoiled children have never had a daddy who taught them the core
American values of work hard, save money, reinvest to make more money
(including making sure your employees can buy your cars), and only
take a salary from the PROFIT that is left over after all the bills
are paid.

Obama is teaching them that hard work pays, gambling and partying
costs, and daddy is only going to pay the bus fare to get them back to
work. Sounds like conservative values to me...

The GOP is scarily grasping for straws for any reason, no matter how
inane, to have a reason to exist after their grand plan has failed so

Help me out here. What am I missing?


jimspice said...

You're likely to run into confused arguments from all sides while we get used to the new president. He hasn't exactly been fitting standard pre-conceptions.

Conservatives were so concerned with the "socialist spread the wealth" thing, they were prepared to spout off knee-jerkily to anything Obama would do. Who knew the wealth would be spread to corporate America. But they still managed to find arguments upon which to base those attacks. It's their job.

Liberals not off the hook. A lot of us are scratching our heads as to what happened to the left-pleasing promises from the campaign trail. Yet our tendency is to keep our mouth shut for fear of pillorying our own guy.

At least he keeps it interesting for everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

-- For the conservative, Bush was wrong in bailing out Companies as urged by Obama. Obama is expanding the bad policy. This auto manufacturer was mostly in trouble due to the overwhelming amount of retired employees that they must continue to support. This is compounded by the rise in oil prices and then even further by the banking crisis that started with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

----When government controls the means of production and the administration there of, then we call this Socialism. Is this a loan or an investment? Usually the guidelines of a loan are put there to insure that the company or individual will have the means to pay it back. Which leads to my next point.

--- GM had 20 units that were making a profit. Of those, 11 were Trucks/SUVs. The suggestions had none of these units in mind. The money is not OURS, it’s being borrowed from the next generation, our children

--- Fix the problem themselves or file for bankruptcy should have been the only choices

---The suggestions being made would put them further in debt. Your dad was being conservative. If your father had been advising them, I sure he would have them do what was best for making profit.

So I do agree that these CEO seem to be whining. If they spend there money like Democrats, then they will fail.