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Friday, March 27, 2009

WI DP Registry Artfully Explained

My friend and fellow Center Advocates board member Leonel Marchand wrote a timely and lovely piece on the domestic partnership registry last week and it's worth a read.

Denying the basic human protections of a society to a group of people just because you have made some personal judgement on the morality of their love (as if somehow, you have a right to define love for another human being) based on your own misunderstanding or bigotry is just wrong.

It's time Wisconsin's legislators and Governor Doyle put in place the very basic protections called for in Leonel's piece.  Honestly, it's embarrassing that simply because I love someone of an opposite sex, I have some sort of right to protect our love and yet, look into the faces of hundreds of friends and know that their lives are less secure simply because we live in a society that feels it has some right to be all in their business like that...  

Any two people should be able to go to a court house and get a legal document providing these protections call it what you like, dp registry, civil unions, marriage, the language is all tied up in knots.  The point is, it's a legal document, it's illegal to discriminate on who can get it.

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