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Monday, April 20, 2009

Even if...

Some sick SOB could make a case that some rational person could agree with that waterboarding someone is somehow not torture, this pretty much makes that case a moot point.

186 times in one month. 83 times in one month. That's an average of 6 and 3 times a day EVERY day for an entire month!!! The thought of this no matter who the person is, no matter their crimes, well, this is the Spanish Inquisition level of torture all over again...

Not only was the US torturing (I think we've become numb to this thought, but torture is something serial killers, not humane governments do...), it was torturing with a sadistic fervor and this is NOT excusable because we were hyped up about getting info after being attacked.

This is sick and wrong and MUST be punished so it NEVER happens again. The Obama Administration must bring charges all the way to the top. Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld ARE war criminals and belong in prison for these two incidents alone. Any ruler around the world who justified this level of torture, would be in prison already. This cannot be allowed to stand.

We must demand it, the very soul of who we are as a people is at stake here...


patrick said...

I'm a sick SOB, then. I'm happy to waterboard the type of people who planned and executed the attacks of 911 and the other terrorist attacks our country has faced. But let's be honest and drop some of the emotional descriptors. The terrible truth you don't want to admit is that both indiiduals surrendered important and true information under threat of waterboarding.

Before you lavish yourself with empty moral praise over this "outrage", explain how CIA agents will now gather needed information from these islamic terrorists? Do you imagine saying "please" will work?

Likewise, consider the methods of "interrogation" employed by these islamic thugs toward Daniel Pearl--remember him? Beheaded on video to recruit other islamic sociopaths.

But if you are still bent on punishing the rough men willing to do rough things so you can sleep safely and criticize foolishly, why not begin by cleaning your own party first. Consider starting with Pelosi and other Democratic congressmen who were briefed about these methods long ago but only feign outrage now that political winds have shifted. At least demonstrate that level of intellectual honesty.

Crawford's Take said...

Actually, that's not quite true... The info they gave up, they gave up BEFORE they were tortured.... The rest of the info they got during the torture was garbage...

Nice to have you back patrick! Even if you are a sick SOB ;)

patrick said...

(CNSNews.com) - The Central Intelligence Agency told CNSNews.com today that it stands by the assertion made in a May 30, 2005 Justice Department memo that the use of “enhanced techniques” of interrogation on al Qaeda leader Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM) -- including the use of waterboarding -- caused KSM to reveal information that allowed the U.S. government to thwart a planned attack on Los Angeles

Read it for yourself. also note that you fail to criticize members or your leftist party, too.

Finally, I'm sure you're glad to see that Obama's administration is using the very same arguments the Bush administration did to justify keeping prisoners at Bagram AFB, much like Bush's use of Gitmo. What a hypocrite! That being said, I support his claims and view his decision to use Bagram as a detention center favorably.

The nice thing about being a conservative is you don't have to twist your morals the way liberals do.

patrick said...

So even with the continuing revelations about how Pelosi not only knew about waterboarding, but lied about her briefings you still do not add her to that list of people who should be indicted and charged with war crimes. Weak.

J. Mark English said...

What does SOB stand for?



Crawford's Take said...

When/if Pelosi is even proven to have lied, she goes on the list too Patrick...

Georgia said...

Torture in MY name - for the security of my country???? (Isn't that what Germany was told about the 'removal' of Jews... for the security of the country. Makes about as much sense.)

There is NO GOOD REASON to use torture - EVER.

That is EVER Patrick - even if some big meanie had my grandsons - TORTURE would be unacceptable. You reap what you sow - and if you sow crap - you reap CRAP. (No big surprise the repugnants are in such a party stew -no big cheese willing to GROW a spine!)

As far as the CIA misleading Congress, I believe Nancy.

And while on my rant - I sure as heck wish Dickless Cheney (you know the one I mean - the one who got FIVE deferments to keep from serving in Viet Nam) would take his COWARDLY RANT to some other venue - - - like perhaps ... to Satan, after he passes- (which I wish would be today.....)

patrick said...


Only a fool would try to suggest that waterboarding three known and vicious terrorists was the same as what the Nazis did to the jews.

I believe it would be morally repugnant to allow a child to be harmed or killed because I was unwilling to torture. I'd certainly torture a child molester to find where his victims were hidden--even if one were your grandchild. Its easy to live in the world you wish existed, rather than the one we have.

Further, you'll note your democratic congress has not outlawed waterboarding, nor has Obama absolutely ruled out harsh interrogation methods, rendition, wiretapping or anything else. He has not closed Gitmo, and he sent lawyers to court to argue that prisoners held at Bagram (read gitmo) should not be extended hebeus rights. In short, he has adopted the Bush policies wholesale. Stop being a hypocrite and calling chaney names; you merely make your lack of education and class clear through these comments. Consider thinking before you type.

Finally, putting comments in all caps isn't a rhetorical strategy to anyone who surpassed the third grade.