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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Your Vote Is More Powerful TODAY Than It Was Last Fall!

Why?  Because if today is anything like last April's election less than 25% of the people in the state will vote.  That means that your vote will count for about 3-4 people who voted last fall and will not vote today.

It's critical that you get out and cast a ballot today!  I have 3 main suggestions for you as to whom you should vote for today.

1: Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson for Supreme Court
She's been a fair justice who truly respects the rule of the law.  She's brilliant, thoughtful and tough and this could be one of the most powerful votes you can cast in your lifetime for fairness and justice.  

2: JD Watts for Circuit Court
JD Watts is an amazing guy who I have seen on a regular basis carefully taking the arm of Vel Phillips as he takes her to events she otherwise would not have been able to attend.  He really does know and care about our courts, he's a judge already and this is his time to take a seat for the entire county and work for justice.

3:  Peter Blewett for Milwaukee Public School Board
What can I say about Peter?  Only that he has fiercefully championed the rights of the students at MPS not only to get an education, but to get a quality education, to have equity with the public school students in the suburbs and to have the freedom to learn.  Without Peter on the Milwaukee Public School board championing the children first, the board would be in chaos.  At times Peter has been one of only 3-4 board members who stood sdtrong for the kids and we need his voice to continue that!  Vote to keep the sanity in MPS schools.  Vote for my friend and a true leader.  Peter Blewett.

Finally, if you are in Port Washington, Doug Cvetkovich for school board.  In Madison, Brenda Konkel.  I also like Annie Woodward for MPS.  

For the other circuit court seat, Ellen Brostrom is my pick! 

On a side note, my daughter just turned 18 about a week ago and I'm really excited that she's excited to vote today for the first time!

By the way, election day is April 7th, but you can vote early at your local municipality, so make sure you get out today, tomorrow, Monday or Tuesday and cast that ballot!

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