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Thursday, May 21, 2009

23 years?????

So for 23 years someone has been killing women, and mostly black women in Wisconsin and it seems mostly in Milwaukee.  All the women were prostitutes.  All but one were found on Milwaukee's North Side.

One man has been serving a life sentence, but it is now confirmed by DNA that he's not the killer... Still that man lost 13 years of his life...  Thank god, we don't have the death penalty in Wisconsin.

23 women were killed, 7 linked so far.  All prostitutes.  All but one in a small geographical area.

Someone knew...  In fact it was that same man who called Eugene Kane recently to tell him about a police coverup of a local serial killer.

The story scares me and reminds me of another man killing minorities on the fringe of society and ignored by the Milwaukee Police Department for years.  Jeffery Dahmer.

My fury is that the public wasn't warned.  My fury is that the public wasn't protected.  My fury is that who ever these women were in society, they were human beings, women, women of color and they were allowed to be slaughtered for decades, left on the fringes, ignored by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel left defenseless and with slit throats and strangulation.  Where were reporters?  

Who knows how many others they haven't thought about adding to the list or how many other innocent men sit in prison for this monsters crimes.

I don't understand how this could happen for so long and no one noticed a pattern?  How so many people could be dead under similar circumstances and the public, WE weren't warned?  A simple, "someone's killing black prostitutes" would have sufficed.  They may not have had the DNA, but they definitely had a pattern of behavior.  An MO.  Did no one compare the files?  

The FBI should have been in here decades ago...  Decades...

What's really strange is that the 23 doesn't count the other 5 prostitute murders that WERE matched to people in the database.  That brings the total prostitutes killed in Milwaukee in the last 23 years to 28 women.  28 women slaughtered in the streets of Milwaukee and no one said anything...

The MPD has taken two decades to live down the disaster of the Dahmer fiasco.  

Who knew that instead of learning from the disaster of ignoring the murders in a community on the fringe, they spent those 20 years covering up or ignoring or completely inept enough to notice another man's horrors in the same neighborhood?  

Or is that why they covered it up?

We need an independent  investigation into the police practices of the MPD.  Who's decision was it to keep this under wraps?  What police practices broke down?  Who didn't care enough to say anything to protect the public?  This goes through four or more police chiefs.  It goes through a female chief and a black chief.  This is a class issue and a fringe community who's cries for help were completely ignored by everyone.

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