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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Six Black "Prostitutes" and a White "Runaway"...

I'm just really upset about these serial killings. First, they've completely fallen out of the news. Second, the way the media and the police department handled this (42 dead prostitutes in 21 years in Milwaukee) over the years has me just livid. Could someone please mention when we have two women a year murdered, under similar circumstances in the same community, to us women so we can be aware of this problem a little sooner that 21 years later? Third, we have a failure to communicate.

I keep seeing this "six prostitutes and a runaway with drug problems" description of the victims attributed to this same killer. My cynical side noticed that I only saw the pictures of six black women all over the news and wondered if the "runaway with a drug problem" was white, then my practical side took over and for weeks, I've actually refused to check this out. I just didn't want to go there... really I didn't...

But the AP is asking questions too... questions that are just my speed...

Why is it that the black women are prostitutes and "crack whores" in the media, but the young white girl is a "runaway with a drug problem" who happened to have the same killer who's been killing strictly prostitutes for decades DNA on her? Why is it okay to say the black women were prostitutes, but when describing the white woman, she's a "runaway with a drug problem"? As if she wasn't selling her body to access a drug she was physically addicted to the same as the black women were...

This is my point. I'm not mad that they tried to soften the blow to her family that she was killed by a man while having sex for drug money.

I'm mad that the media and police department have gone OUT OF THEIR WAY to describe her any differently than the black women who were murdered by the same guy doing the same thing! The 19 year old's family and the 35 year old's family and the 41 year old's family, ALL of their families, have the same level of grief, pain and loss. At least two of the black women's family members deny the victims were prostitutes at all.

The loss first of their loved one to drugs that stole her future from her and them. The loss from the betrayal of their love when she no longer could be trusted around their possessions. The loss from watching someone you love descend into the depths of a hellish drug addiction that leads to a dangerous life on the streets supporting your habit with the only thing you have left as a woman...

Your body.

Subjecting it to the highest of the high men and the lowest of the low men in our society all preying on your illness by paying for the use of your body for their own twisted sexual needs.... Completely vulnerable to abuse, and suffering by the men who prey on them and the drugs that enslave them, they were also vulnerable to a police department that dismissed them as useless and unknown not worth more than a quick look at the evidence and an envelope that holds it for 20 years...

No woman chooses to be a drug addict or a prostitute. This is not a life you dream of living as you're growing up. It's the life around you that you endure that eventually leads you to this life. It's one bad boyfriend or abuse as a child that you must dull your mind from to forget because you cannot afford a therapist...

These women were human beings. They were real. They had families and children and once in their lives they dreamed of being doctors, or lawyers or fashion designers or marine biologists. Life didn't yield those careers for them and their illnesses, yes, drug addiction is a physical illness, untreated led them to a dangerous life.

Why did the police and media recognize that in the white 16 year old girl and so gently treat her murder and so callously treat the murder of the black women who still are not victims, but "murdered prostitutes" in their eyes.

I'm really upset by this and I want the families of all seven victims to know that I look at your family members as who they were women with families, lives and dreams and their skin color, age, addictions don't matter one bit to me. They were human beings with a right to life, a right to have a chance for sobriety and freedom from their hell, and that was stolen for more of them than might have been the case, should had someone actually seen what I see... and more are in danger...

If you have a loved one who is putting themselves in danger due to drug abuse or prostitution call the Benedict Center for help with programs for women you love and feel like you've lost. Hope always exists, some do come back. As desperate as it seems right now, help is out there.

Find it. Save a life. If you know anything about these murders, please call the MPD, this psychopath needs to be stopped now and now that we all know about it, I assume they are actively trying to find him.


Georgia said...

I keep thinking "Media Bias" but it is considerably more.....

Disposables. That's what we all are - (by we, I refer to women of the lesser socio-economical standing....) disposable. Not too important to anyone but our families, perhaps.

Why is this????

Patrick..... you probably have the answers.

patrick said...


African American women are the heart and soul of the community if I understand things correctly. I have nothing but respect for the unique burden they--as opposed to white women--are forced to carry.

I likewise note that cute, blonde white women get much more attention when they go missing than do Aftican American women. They are always pictures there smiling and looking all innocent like Natalie Halloway.

The media uses race to sell itself. Oh, look at the Obama family going for icecream. How normal.

Anyway, to the extent that I'll ever agree with you it is here: African American women do more than anyone should ask of them while always getting the shaft in the media. Any number of crimes can be committed against them, and all you'll see in the news is the one who cheated on family care. Let a cute white woman go missing and its hold the presses.

Consider another crazy plight for the African American woman: while African American women of child bearing age constitute about 3% of the population, they receive 36% of all abortions. Even for abortion loving liberals, that's got to be a shocker. That's the real crime.

Georgia said...

Hi Patrick,

I believe ALL potential parents should be allowed choice.

Just as most women have access to birth control pills and other forms of female birth control- most men have the option to use a a condom (or - when really concerned for the future - a vasectomy).... to be 'prepared'and safe. Equally-regardless of whom they choose as partner(s).

My bone (pardon the pun) of contention is this: where is the sperm equity?

When men are held AS accountable for each pregnancy they create as the woman carrying it is.... the abortion debate will be over.

However, Renee is citing the inequality of treatment for victims of violent crime. The inequal reporting / detecting / prosecution of crimes against poor/black women. She is correct. The facts are unassailable.

CLEARLY: We, as poor women - are expendable.