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Monday, August 17, 2009

Broken Backs...

I can remain silent on this no longer. In fact, I'm so angry right now at the Democratic Party that I'm nearly ready to cancel my membership. I'm DONE with this. After the following rant, I promise my actual take on what's going on here.

This is MY line in the sand.

I want a vote.

I want a vote on the public option in health care.

I want to KNOW who will vote no.

I WANT the American people to KNOW who to vote out of office in 2010 regardless of party. I want that NO vote.


And almost more important:


I can guess that it wasn't Gwen Moore lying to us. In fact, I'm pretty sure it wasn't after her forum the other day. I can guess this is not Steve Kagen or Russ Feingold (considering his PASSIONATE cry to his colleagues to reconsider the public option in a press release today).

The problem is, without a vote. Russ, Gwen and Steve will never get their say. They will never be able to show their voters their loyalty as elected officials to the people who elected them.

EVEN IF THE BILL FAILS, the people of this country who have given sweat and tears for a decade to take back our country and reform our health care system NEED and deserve to know who who's with them and who's against them.

Stop writing about how good co-ops are and aren't. Write the White House and every member of Congress in both houses and DEMAND A VOTE ON THE PUBLIC OPTION.

Even if it loses, we will know where everyone stands. I wanna see the Dems run a campaign on "I voted with the insurance companies and against you" next year. I wanna fight that fight. I can't have that fight if I don't get a vote.

In fact, I first want a vote on single payer, then on the public option, the on the co-op option. I want every single member to have to take a position on every single bill.


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