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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Lion Has Died

My sadness is overwhelming. I put this short story on my Facebook update:

RIP Teddy. I remember meeting you on the dock at Hyannisport. You were gracious and paused for a minute to watch our husbands play football on the beach... perhaps provoking a memory... You stopped chatted and then sailed off with your granddaughter in a little tiny boat on the vast ocean. I'll always remember you like that on that day. Thanks for everything!!! And God bless!

It is time for the Senate (and the House) to stop screwing around, pass Medicare for all and be done with it! In fact, it should be called the Edward M Kennedy Medicare for All Act.

Let's get this done!!!!!

Some housekeeping, this means the Senate is now at 59. It also means that Deval Patrick the young brilliant African American Governor of Mass is now quite literally the most powerful man in the world.

My love to his family for all the love they have given this nation over the years so they may get through what must be a devastating time to have gotten him back from the years of self abuse only to lose him when he seemed more powerful, respected and brilliant than ever. It must just be terrible for his family (and yes, I'm crying too...)

God bless.


Zach W. said...

Hows Deval Patrick the most powerful man in the world? He does't get to choose Sen. Kennedy's replacement; by Massachusetts state law, there has to be a special election within 145-160 days.

James Wigderson said...

Can we just honor Kennedy's 1980 campaign and let Obama's health care "reform" fail?

Georgia said...

Let's all INSIST that Congress and Senate honor TK's memory by passing the insurance for all bill!

Forget the divisive tacticts - united we all HEAL.

Erik said...

Good News for Ted Kennedy. ACORN can now register him to VOTE!

It's funny that he was able to live months past his expected date due to going outside of Massachusetts socialized health care plan to have his brain tumor treated.

Instead he went to a specialist at Duke University. The best neurosurgeon in the country for cancer patients.

The greatest tribute would be that every American would get the same health care options that Ted Kennedy got and not this FARCE they are trying to ram through.