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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NSA Archives on US-Iraq War Released Today! You're not going to believe this...

The NSA has released Part 1 of the archived records of the discussions, talks, planning and run up of the Iraq War.  YOU MUST READ THIS.  It will FREAK YOU OUT!

It's stunning, and so called "conspiracy theorists" all over the nation are shocked and stunned by the relevations. They were way more right than even they thought....

My biggest question right NOW is WHY is the media completely ignoring this story?  Perhaps the biggest story of our century and its being completely ignored on the national news tonight.

You really just have to read it for your self, but be prepared, the timing, discussions and planning for the Iraq War started way earlier than anyone previous thought (like day 3 of the Bush Administration) and you're going to be sick to your stomach at how horrible these people who were running our government really are...

The one of only 21 Senators in the entire US who smelled a rat and voted NO on the authorization of this war was our OWN Senator RUSS FEINGOLD.

THANK YOU RUSS!  His insight and instinct and INTEGRITY are beyond pale and I'm proud to call him my Senator and will be proud (as should all Wisconsinites) to vote to send him back to the Senate because first and foremost, RUSS VOTES FOR US!

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Big E said...

Saddam should have been taken out by Bush the elder. Had he, approx. 300,000 Kurds would still be living. Clinton did nothing, but make him bolder. I'm sure W. knew that it was just a matter of time before it was absolutely necessary, as well as the other elect.