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Thursday, February 24, 2011

GOP: Tax! Tax! Tax! the Poor & Middle Class and Manipulate them to Vote for You to Tax them!

Is kind of feeling like the GOP should just be allowed to have it's way.  Here's the current agenda as I understand it:

  • End all public health care so the poor just start getting sick and spreading things like cholera to everyone.
  • Let the Koch bros buy the power plants and raise gas and electricity so high that all the poor people either die or move south, that worked so well with Enron and California after all.
  • Privatize or eliminate all public transportation, etc so no one can afford to get back and forth to work.
  • Privatize or eliminate social security so old people die earlier and broke.
  • Eliminate Medicare (see previous point).
  • Eliminate the right to vote for everyone who doesn't own property and isn't male and protestant. After all both Bush and Walker have joked that this is an easier job if you're a dictator.
  • Eliminate all public schools so poor children don't ever get an education and compete with the rich kids for the good jobs.
  • Make unionization of workers illegal
  • Eliminate child labor laws (with no public schools what else are our kids going to do during the day).
  • Eliminate all worker, safety and environmental protections (weekends, 8 hr workdays, etc). 
  • Eliminate all racial protections, laws against discrimination, women's rights, etc
  • Make the ability to speak spanish a crime
The GOP has an interesting agenda huh?  A bit more stunning when you see it all in one place huh? 

Tax Tax Tax the poor and now extinct middle class and laugh all the way to their yachts as they have now created a desperately poor, uneducated, sick and plagued, unskilled workforce in the millions.  Let old people die poor and sick.  They live too long these days anyway.  This sound to me much like the good olde days of Europe.  David Copperfield was a good novel afterall we should go back to coal filled air and poverty by the millions in the streets, the black plague, orphaned starving children every where you turn....  Oh yeah, that's a world I want to live in/go back to.  Yes.  That sounds like just the perfect future for my children. 

Let's let these numbskulls have what they want.  The irony of it all is that they are winning this battle by winning the votes of the poorest and least educated of us, the ones using Badgercare and taking the bus and driving on the roads.  The ones who are naive enough to vote for people who want to cut the tax rate for the top 1% because they honestly believe that SOMEDAY they will be in that top 1%.  Do you honestly think you can get in that country club if they keep taxing you now and taking all your extra cash while THEY get the tax breaks?

Not if these guys have any say in it you won't.  You think the Koch Brothers would actually allow YOU in their country club to golf.  They won't even let Walker in...  He's just another sad sack like you who somehow hopes someday he will be rich like them and does whatever they say to try to get there. 

Okay I'll stop now.  The cynicism, hatred, anger and frustration must be getting to me.

Totally disgusted right now.  Can you tell?  Definitely time to stop writing...

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